Latest Press Release

In case you didn’t see the latest press release about Steve’s book, here you go:

Marvel Artist to Contribute to Book

BRANDON, MB—A book dedicated to the unpublished work of the late comic artist Stephen Arnett Groves will be introduced by the much lauded, in-demand writer, director, filmmaker and cartoonist, Kaare Andrews. The latter is known for his work on HulkIron Fist and Spider Man comics, as well as The ONE%, his creator-owned title published through Image Comics. He was the first to win the Shuster Award for Outstanding Artist, in 2005. Roommates while at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Andrews and Groves were long-time friends.

“There was only one other guy at Art School that would gush over comics the way I did,” Andrews said recently. “Steve’s love of comics was only matched by his love of music and Tim Burton movies. I’d often come home to find him with his headphones on, listening to Danny Elfman and reading the funny books. In fact, one night at maybe 2 AM, returning home from a horrible dating adventure only to find myself without keys, those same headphones prevented him from hearing my desperate pleas to open the door. I spent the night sleeping on a terribly uncomfortable couch in our school across the street from the apartment, laughing at myself and his headphones.”

Though the two dropped out of the art school (from which, Andrews is quick to add, that John Byrne and Joni Mitchell had done the same thing a couple of decades before them) and moved away, the two artists kept in touch.

“These small co-conspirators in our lives leave a mark (and) in some way, (Steve) will always be a part of my work in comics,” said Andrews.


After a short fight with cancer, Groves passed away five months ago, and this pushed another one of Groves’ creative friends, comic book scholar T. Keith Edmunds to launch a Kickstarter project in which many of the former’s work will be presented to the world.


“Steve had talked a lot about Kaare and their shared love of comics – the characters, the storylines, the approaches to their art, and much more. So, it was a natural choice for me to ask Kaare to write the introduction to the book I’m hoping to have designed to showcase Steve’s work,” said Edmunds. “Steve was a fantastic, talented artist who never got the audience he deserved in life. I’m really hoping to put together this book so that more people can enjoy his art, all the quirky characters he created as well as the storylines that were appreciated by very few.”


The deadline to participate in this project is Saturday, March 31. For more information about this Kickstarter project, please visit:



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