Kickstarter Completed

The Kickstarter is officially completed, successfully raising $21,388 for the project of designing and printing “Unfinished Stories: The Art of Stephen Groves.”

If you were distracted by Easter, for example, or you simply forgot about the deadline — don’t worry!  In the next few days, I will be setting up some sort of pre-order system that will allow you to still get a book or some of the other goodies that will be on offer.  However, you will not get the same kind of package that was offered exclusively to those participating in the Kickstarter.

I will also be endeavoring to keep you in the loop as the project moves forward.  Keep checking this site for details.  In the meantime, however, please feel free to contact me at anytime with your questions (just hit the “contact” link above and fill out the form).

Happy Easter, everyone!



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